Talent sets the floor, mindset sets the ceiling.

It's time to get your mind right.

Is mental performance coaching right for me?

For Athletes

One-on-one, personalized mental performance  coaching (in person or over the phone) to unlock greatness and maximize your potential.

For Teams

One- and two-day workshops on mental skills to kickstart your season, provide a mid-season bump, or prepare for the postseason.

For Leaders

Are you a leader looking to improve your performance and that of your team? Looking to take your organization's performance to the next level?

Biometric Feedback

See how your body reacts to various visualization and imagery exercises using cutting-edge biometric feedback that measures heart rate variability. This lets the athlete/coach know EXACTLY which techniques to use in order to obtain their peak physiological state. Learn how to build confidence, increase focus, and manage your emotions and energy for peak performance.

Visualization & Imagery Exercises

Elite performers visualize their success before they achieve it. Receive a personalized pre-competition routine that will get you in the optimal mindset to perform at your best when it matters most. I partner with athletes to create scripts using music, imagery, and a Bluetooth surround-sound “egg” chair to create an immersive visualization experience like no other. What’s better? I give you the tools do this in the future as your goals change and as you want to incorporate this technique into other aspects of your life.

OK, I'm interested but is mental performance training right for me (or my athlete)?

First, don't take my word for it - check out the testimonials from Division-I coaches, athletes, and parents who have worked with me.

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Elite performers don’t leave their mental game to chance

"I cannot begin to describe how much Bryan has helped me. I've always struggled with confidence and anxiety in my life and in sports, but Bryan changed that. Each exercise we did, and each time we met, made me drastically better. This change was large enough for my coaches to take note of my improved confidence and how it greatly changed my performance on the field. I have never done anything in my career that has benefitted me so much. Training your mind is so important and I can’t thank Bryan enough for all he's done for me! He’s an amazing coach and even better person to help elevate your game. "

Brynn Holohan
Arizona State University

"I've worked with Bryan for the past 6 months and it's made such a difference in both my mindset and my performance. His visualization exercises have made it so I'm always ready for when the puck drops. Not only that but, his other lessons, such as "controlling the controllables" and the importance of focusing on the process, not the results, has made me ready for whatever the game throws at me. Junior hockey can be very stressful and chaotic, but working with Bryan has helped me navigate through all of that and get my head in the right place. Working with Bryan has not only helped me on the ice but also in all aspects of life. I'm very thankful for having the opportunity to work with Bryan and I highly recommend Top Mental Game."

Holt Oliphant
Johnstown Tomahawks / U.S. Air Force Academy commit

"Our oldest son Nick has always been extremely passionate with lacrosse, but after suffering through some injuries, he just wasn’t the same kid that we had grown accustomed to seeing. We knew we had to find a way to get his mind “right” again. Fortunately for us, we found Dr. Price. Right away, after just a few sessions, we could see a different kid than we saw before. The exercises he shared not only translated into Nick becoming a better athlete, but into a more focused and well-rounded person that can maturely handle life's many challenges. Nick has completely regained his old form. His confidence is soaring, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We strongly endorse Dr. Price and would recommend his program for anyone in pursuit of achieving their dreams both on and off the field."

Jamie Blalock

"We decided to work with Bryan because we knew we needed to start developing a method to train our minds and not just our bodies. The best athletes in the world use imagery and visualization in their training and credit those tools for them being elite. I loved how he tailored the sessions to our needs: creating personalized visualizations for our players and providing relatable scenarios for our team to engage with. I recommend Bryan to any team looking to raise their level of performance. "

Jennifer Rizzotti
Hall of Famer, Gold-medal winning coach, and former AP Player of the Year; current President of WNBA Connecticut Sun

Origin Story

See why I started Top Mental Game and my approach to working with athletes and coaches.


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