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Mindset Reset:

Creating the Optimal You

I show you how to unlock your true potential and think like the elite performers I've worked with and coached in the military, sports, and at places like Stanford and West Point.

I teach you how to use the power of intentionality to achieve goals and how to overcome common yet debilitating self-imposed limitations like fixed mindsets and the imposter syndrome.

Attendees will walk away motivated and armed with proven tools to become the best versions of themselves. 

The 5 Keys to

Elite Organizational Culture

There's no debating how important culture is to a company's success, but many organizations are lost when it comes to improving theirs.

Like nature, organizational culture abhors a vacuum. If leaders are not intentional about cultivating a winning culture, employees will fill the void, and you may not like the result. And unlike other aspects of business, you can't run down to the Culture Store and buy a new culture.

In this talk, I share the 5 secrets of elite organizational culture that I've learned during my career in the military, sports, and higher education.

Failure to Launch: The Missed Opportunity of Leadership Development in Higher Education (and How to Fix It)

After retiring from West Point, I started an innovative leadership institute at Seton Hall. Four years later, it was named the nation's top leadership development program. A day after the announcement, I resigned.

I share how I built the program and why I left. But more importantly, I make the argument that colleges are the answer to our country's leadership problems, but they are failing to take advantage of that opportunity. 

If you're in higher education, this provocative talk is for you.



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