Talent isn’t enough when you don't have

Top Mental Game

Learn the same techniques that professional athletes, Olympians, and elite military operators use to build confidence, increase resilience, and perform under pressure. 


Train your brain like you train your body

Optimize your performance with the most comprehensive mental performance program on the market.

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The Blueprint

The only mental performance program you’ll ever need

  • Learn a proven pre-competition routine to get you in an optimal physiological state of performance. 
  • Learn how to set and accomplish meaningful goals that emphasize process over outcome.
  • Learn how to optimize your self-talk.
  • Own proven visualization exercises that will build confidence, fight burnout, and get you present.
  • Learn how to bounce back from mistakes.
  • Hear from sports legends like soccer HOF star Julie Foudy and 4-time Olympian Jason Lezak.

Make your mental game work FOR you, not AGAINST you!

You’ve tried the skills and drills. It’s time to try something different.

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Bryan Price, Ph.D.

  • Former D-I player and assistant coach at Army
  • Apache Longbow attack helicopter pilot
  • Combat deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Stanford Ph.D. & West Point Professor 
  • Mental performance coach
  • Parent of a 14-yr old ECNL soccer player


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