From Coaches

Coach Rob Sheppard

Seton Hall University

Head Coach, Baseball

The lessons our players learned from Dr. Price have had an immediate impact on our team.  Dr. Price has armed our student-athletes with the tools necessary to handle the daily challenges they face both on the field and in the classroom. Dr. Price provided them with the mental and visual strategies that will allow them to perform with confidence.

Coach Natalie Desjardins

Seton Hall University

Head Coach, Women's Golf

As a coach I hold my players to a high standard of excellence on and off the golf course. It is important as coaches that we continue to educate ourselves in order to provide the best possible experience for our players. In the short amount of time that I’ve been working with Dr. Price, I’ve noticed a change in my coaching strategies and my performance on and off the golf course. Goal setting, visualization and mental toughness is just as important for coaches as it is for our athletes. The tools that Dr. Price provides to my team helps them achieve new heights and it has forced me to continue to educate myself. Our one on one sessions have provided me with new insights about my coaching style and myself as a person. Dr. Price cares about the coaches and the players success, I am thankful to have him part of our team and I am looking forward to continuing our relationship for years to come!“

Coach Jay Price

Manasquan High School, NJ

Head Coach, Football


As coaches we all dream of the student athlete who has it all – strength, speed, instincts and is a performer in the classroom as well as on the field. To that end we exhaust ourselves trying to give our athletes every advantage in becoming the best they can be. Programs nationwide work to offer programs, trainers, and tutors to achieve success in assisting young athletes become better. But what if we could provide one tool that could help them in all of these areas? Enter Top Mental Game. Using Dr. Price’s techniques, our athletes were taught the values of goal setting, visualization and imagery, and how to achieve optimal performance. Our team was quite young headed into this season. Dr Price helped them gain confidence on the field and in the classroom. The results have been outstanding. Whether you’re a coach looking to provide his/her team with an edge, or an athlete trying to gain confidence in your game – on or off the field – Top Mental Game offers what personal trainers, coaches and tutors do not. We look forward to our continued partnership with Top Mental Game. 

Coach Steve Jakubowski

West Deptford High School, NJ

Head Coach, Soccer

Bryan Price is a passionate and energetic individual who is skilled in his craft of teaching people of all ages the importance of a strong mindset. He instills confidence and an eagerness to believe in one self in all of his followers, whether they be student-athletes, coaches, military officials, business-place professionals, etc. His delivery methods and ability to relate to people by using real-life examples is second to none.

Coach Tim Janes

Goalkeepers Coach, Soccer

The goalkeeping position in soccer is one that requires confidence, mental toughness, and leadership skills. Goalkeepers are subject to an intense spotlight every single play they make, and they often are blamed (or blame themselves) for goals. This is why goalkeepers NEED sports psychology training that gives them the tools and techniques to be on top of their mental game - making them better prepared to take over the game and lead others to victory from the back line. Enter Bryan Price - a charismatic, experienced leader, whose mental techniques are tried and proven to increase performance, boost confidence, and foster success. If you or your child are in need of a coach that wants to walk alongside you on your confidence-building and goal accomplishing journey, look no further! 

From Athletes

Mia Kness

Seton Hall University, Venetia, PA

Holds SHU records for indiv. tournament titles, lowest rd (65), 2019 U.S. Women's Amateur

I have been playing competitive golf now for 8 years and within just a few sessions Dr. Price gave me a whole different outlook on the game. He has given me various mental strategies such as visualization, positive self-talk, and relaxation techniques that have helped me overcome many obstacles in my daily life and on the golf course. Working with Dr. Price has helped my play and mindset tremendously. 

Callie O’Connell

Volleyball, Abilene, TX

My name is Callie O’Connell. I play volleyball as a setter and I started improving my mental game with Coach Bryan Price in March, 2020. Since then, I have overcome one of my greatest fears, which was being afraid to make a mistake. I know that no one is perfect, but I set for myself such a high standard that it was hard for me to just brush off a mistake. Whenever I would practice, I would be so tight and hesitant that I wouldn’t play to my full potential. Now, I don’t feel nervous or anxious before a match because I use recorded visualization exercises that Coach Price and I have made to help me feel calm and ready to go. I have really enjoyed working with Coach Price. He is an excellent coach and has helped me so much.

Lauren Rios

Coppell High School, TX

Top Mental Game… the name of the program and the way I think about my golf mentality now. After learning from Bryan various visualizations, techniques, and metaphors, I really felt my mental game develop and mature to a level to match my physical golf skills. The idea of developing my mental game was always in mind, but I didn’t know what it took to achieve an effective mindset before Bryan’s help. Now I can apply these techniques to play under pressure and calm my nerves. In my first high school tournament of the 2019 fall season, I shot a new personal best of 69…could not have done it without the right mindset! #mindsetmatters 

Paige Wood

McKinney H.S.,  McKinney, TX

I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights on different strategies I can use to improve my game. As much as I would like to say I shoot even par all the time, that wouldn’t require me to use many of the skills we discussed! But I can think of more than a few instances where I had to overcome adversity mid-round to finish strong. For example, I had a recent event where I had a terrible hole during the 1st round. In the past, I would have collapsed for the rest of the round. After using your strategies, I went out and shot the second lowest score of the tournament the next day. In another tournament, I had a terrible start - shooting 8 over on the front nine. But after applying your "waves" visualization technique, I was able to play the back nine with a clear mind and shot 3 under par. That’s an 11-shot swing in 9 holes! I have never had this kind of improvement from one nine to the next. Thanks for showing me the way! I even use your techniques in school when getting ready for tests. I really appreciate the work we did together.

Jonathan Luders

Seton Hall University, Lynnfield MA

I began working with Dr. Price individually after he came and spoke to the Baseball team as a group. I was intrigued from his presentations and I wanted to get a more personalized version and learn more. Dr. Price has helped me set routines for my mental game. His visualization techniques before practices have been extremely useful to help direct my focus and intention at the task ahead. I’ve been as “in control” of what I can control, during my practices as I’ve ever been when implementing his techniques. I highly recommend Dr. Price. The visualization, relaxation, and breathing techniques he teaches can help not only for your sport but for your everyday life as well.

Jill Beglin

St. John’s University, Carson City, Nevada

Top Mental Game is what you need if you want to take your game to the next level. Working with Bryan over the past 6 months has helped me to be a more confident and strategic player. Through visualization, relaxation techniques, and positive self talk, I have been able to improve my game in ways I never thought possible. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Bryan and become a mentally tougher player.

Mark Kantzler

Seton Hall University, Largo, FL

Dr. Price and the techniques, mindset, and characteristics of Top Mental Game make me want to reach further towards the person I want to become. They not only helped me assert goals and create a visualization for my sport, but they forced me to evaluate and challenge my awareness and mindfulness, connecting parts of myself I wasn’t sure how to.

Jamie Welsh

Golf, Coppell, TX

Top Mental Game has completely revolutionized the way I think about golf. I was a results oriented golfer when it came to my game, and I would not see improvements week to week. With the help of Bryan Price, I became immersed and excited in my process. I became so invested in my goals, drills, and mental exercises that I learned to “love the grind.” His exercises such as “The Gratitude Exercise” and “The Perfect Game” helped me imagine each round before I played. In three months, I went from shooting inconsistent high 70s and mid 80s each tournament to all rounds being 76 or better for the past 4 events. I shot my new PR, 71, yesterday in windy conditions. With a new mindset and a desire to improve, I saw the physical and mental results I was looking for.

Hannah Bateman

Swimmer, Manasquan, NJ

No words can describe my feelings for Top Mental Game. Coach Bryan helped me tremendously to get my mental game to the top. Within a few months, I learned so much on visualization, coping with pressure, and controlling what you can control. As an athlete, these aspects are super important, whether you are going to practice or a meet. You can use these tools at anytime to help you feel more relaxed and prepared for what’s coming. Using these tools has increased my performance and benefited me so much!

Maddie Sager

Seton Hall University, Phoenixville, PA

In the spring semester of my junior year, I began working with Dr. Price on a lot of different mental skills - goal-setting, visualization techniques, and breathing exercises.

He helped me to reset my thoughts when the pressure was high and to stay calm in panic situations. While my physical game would vary from tournament to tournament, my mental game remained strong, which set me apart from the rest of the field.

After working with Dr. Price, I ended up finishing in 4th at the Big East Championship that spring! Then, after battling a summer shoulder injury, I came out on fire and took 1st place at the 1st tournament of my senior season!

I‘ve been in the lead before going into the final round before, but it was my strong mental game that helped me handle the pressure and play how I know how to play.

I cannot thank Dr. Price enough for his help. His coaching played such a major effort in my success! 

Molly Morris

Soccer, Manasquan, NJ

The mental game is so important in soccer, but it is oftentimes overlooked. Dr. Price made me realize the importance of being at my "Top Mental Game" each time I step onto the pitch. His strategies, including but not limited to visualization and self-talk, have made me realize that I not only need to prepare for a game by practicing my soccer skills, but I need to put my mind in the right direction. Practicing these techniques that I have learned is the best way to do just that. Used alongside Dr. Price's goal setting strategies, I am now set up for success on and off the pitch.

Carolina Ronchel Salas

Seton Hall University, Huelva, Spain

I started working with Dr. Price in March and I can really see the improvement – in my attitude on the course, my thoughts, and in the way I control myself in different situations. In other words, my mental game has improved significantly, and along with it, my golf game. The techniques I learned helped me to find my zone no matter how I’m playing, regardless of whether I am having my best day or if I’m struggling. Now I am able to take advantage of and control my emotions. I realized how my mind influences my game and the importance of training it as much as my golf game. But, it is not all about golf - Dr. Price taught me how to set and accomplish my goals in life, and how to approach my objectives in both golf and life. I had a great experience with him.

From Parents

Jim Welsh

Dad, Coppell, TX

Dr. Price is putting together an amazing legacy of helping athletes reach their dreams! Put simply, I can’t believe what he has unlocked in Jamie in their short time together.

Our daughter, Jamie, got serious about playing golf at the age of 15, a bit late by today’s standards.  She had been around the game for a while and played sporadically in a couple of junior events, but it wasn’t until after her freshman year in high school that she came to us and announced that she wanted to play in college.  Honestly, I was both excited and worried for her as I know first-hand that this game is brutal and owes you nothing.  I knew what was ahead for her in terms of work, she definitely puts in the time and effort…countless hours on the range, practice greens and course.  I don’t want to discount that component because, without her work on her own and with her golf coach, she would have never been capable of capitalizing on what Dr. Price has enabled.

Before starting with Dr. Price in the Spring of 2020, Jamie’s scores were fairly sporadic and she seemed to have drastic highs and lows in her rounds.  Immediately after beginning with Dr. Price, we started hearing about the tools and methodologies they were discussing.  Jamie’s on-course demeanor changed. She is now grounded, non-emotional and focused.  She is present in every shot, every putt and every decision.  The results are shocking.  Her scores have fallen through the floor--she shot her first round under par and has had multiple top five finishes in tough fields.  She played in her first AJGA event, a qualifier for an open series event, and she won it, earning her way into the field.  We are still early in her path following our introduction with Dr. Price, but her success in the first half of 2020 cannot be mistaken.  Mindset matters!

John O’Connell

Dad, Abilene, TX

My oldest daughter, Callie, is a very passionate and talented volleyball player. She loves the game and has put in a great deal of effort over the past few years to hone her skills as a setter to pursue her goal of playing Division 1 volleyball. It became apparent, though, that she was struggling with the mental and emotional side of the game and her frustrations with making mistakes were sabotaging her subsequent performance during competition. 

Unfortunately, the conversations with ‘Dad’ on the way home from practice and tournaments in which I implored her to ‘relax a little bit’ were not getting the job done.  

Bryan and I are West Point classmates, though, we hadn’t talked in a number of years when I found out about his Top Mental Game program. I felt like his expertise would be perfectly suited to address some of Callie’s shortcomings. And, given our past, I knew I could trust his skills to lead her and train her on this journey. 

They connected right from the start and Callie was beaming after every session. I was delighted that the two of them developed such a great rapport, but I’m most pleased with the results. Callie is so much more confident in her abilities now than before her training with Bryan. In times past, if she put up a bad set or doubled a ball, she was a mess for several points thereafter. That is truly not the case anymore.  She easily recovers from errors now.  I’ve also noticed that she has become a much better teammate and leader on the court because she is so much less anxious about her individual performance.

I recommend Bryan’s program to any parent looking to give their athlete a mental edge. You will not be disappointed in the results.

Emily Beglin

Mom, Carson City, NV

After more than six months of research, consideration and interviews of various mindset/sports psychology coaches and programs, I knew as soon as I met Bryan, that Top Mental Game was exactly what we were searching for to coach our two daughters, who were junior golfers at the time. 

Thanks to Bryan’s coaching, one is now a Division I student-athlete and enjoying much success both on and off the golf course. Our other daughter is a junior in high school and is enjoying the fruits of their collective labor in overcoming the mental obstacles she had previously experienced during tournament play.

One of the most important components of the program is goal setting with very specific and measurable action items to reaching these goals. Bryan leads them through this process and holds them accountable. Both of our daughters are enjoying being more organized, thoughtful and driven than ever. They are fulfilling both their personal and athletic goals and their dreams are being realized every day. For a parent there is no greater joy, as these life skills are not only useful today, they will carry the girls far into their future endeavors. 

Sara Bateman

Mom, Manasquan, NJ

Dr. Price has been instrumental in helping our 11 yr-old daughter develop an understanding of the mental component of competitive swimming and life in general. He quickly connected with her and established a strong sense of trust. He provided strategies to help her learn more about herself and how to process the stress that comes with competition. She learned relaxation methods, visualization exercises, and positive self talk. These skills enabled her to have a successful season that was fun and where her swimming results improved significantly. I can’t thank Dr. Price enough for sharing his knowledge and passion about mentally preparing our daughter for the challenges she’ll face as she grows and develops in the pool and as a person.

Brian Abell

Dad to Mark (14), Baseball, Virginia

Times are uncertain and busy families are finding empty schedules that were previously occupied by competitive dance competitions and travel baseball tournaments. For my 14-year-old son Mark, I could think of no more valuable activity but to participate in Dr. Bryan Price’s Mental Toughness Boot Camp.
As a personal friend and teammate of Dr. Price at West Point, I was confident that he would motivate my son and help him prepare for the perils of competitive athletics and life’s routine challenges.
Though we cannot yet see the value of the lessons that Mark learned on the fields of friendly strife, I have reviewed Mark’s notes and we have talked about the webinar experience. In very short time it was obvious to me that Mark’s edges were sharpened and he clearly understood ways in which he will prepare for future competitions, tough academic challenges, and any other challenges that we face as young athletes and older adults.

Peter Wood

Dad, McKinney, TX

What has Top Mental Game meant to our daughter Paige?

She found Dr. Price’s delivery of information to be succinct, very easy to follow, and she enjoyed the “natural flow” of the conversations. When I spoke to her about the sessions, there was a clear enthusiasm about the things Dr. Price discussed.

The strategies Dr. Price discussed offered “perspective” and further allowed her to compartmentalize the things that happen on the course, both good and bad. These strategies are particularly useful when things go bad, and for anyone who has ever played golf,they know all too well that things always go bad on the course, even during a good round!

Paige has specifically told me that she found the program helpful for keeping perspective of what just happened (positive or negative), and then using the tools to move onto the rest of the round.

In a sport where you have so much time to think about what is going on, it is imperative to have a means to stay “present” and to avoid dwelling on the past as you prepare for the next shot.

The other benefit I have observed is her demeanor on the course. She is, by anyone’s description, a passionate and emotional player, which in my book is a good thing. But the change she experienced with Dr. Price has resulted in a more level approach to control any negative emotions. I have always said, “you can’t control what you feel, you can only control how you react to how you feel!” Top Mental Game has given her additional techniques to help manage those reactions and it shows in her body language, which has been much improved.

For me as a parent, the added value of the program is that it can actually be applied to several other areas of their lives.

Amie Keegan

Mom, Brick, NJ

After our 12-yr old son began working with Dr. Price, we saw a huge boost in his confidence and attitude, both on and off the field. From their first session, Dr. Price quickly connected with him on a personal level and made him feel very comfortable. We saw a change in him almost instantaneously. He got into the car after that session happier and more positive. He told us that, “Dr. Price understood him in a way that nobody ever has” and that he “just got him.” As his parents, this was music to our ears. He went to practice that night and played with a confidence that we haven’t seen in him in months. 

They have worked on both mental and visual strategies that our son can use on a daily basis to help him calm his nerves before a game, play with confidence, and be the best player, teammate, and person he can be. We truly believe that the mental skills that Dr. Price taught him are ones that he'll be able to utilize not only on the field but in all aspects of his life for a long time to come!

Ben Hunter

Dad to Addie (15), Soccer, North Carolina

Highly Recommended!!! ⚽️ πŸ€ ⚾️ πŸƒ‍♀️

If you’re looking for an activity this week for your student athlete, this is perfect. Addie participated in Top Mental Game boot camp last week and loved it. I personally know Dr. Bryan Price and he is great at what he does!

Carlos Rios

Dad, Coppell, TX

As a parent of a teenage daughter/athlete, it is difficult and worrisome at times to know who to trust and lean on when it comes to your child’s growth in sports.  However, when I learned that Bryan had started Top Mental Game, I knew this was going to be a great learning experience for my daughter Lauren. 

How did I know?  Not only are Bryan’s credentials impeccable, but he is a former teammate and fellow member of West Point’s Long Gray Line.  I knew he would develop and take care of Lauren as well as his own daughter, and he has. Since starting with Bryan and Top Mental Game four months ago, Lauren has shot her first round in the 60s, placed top 5 in 5 out of 8 tournaments and lowered her scoring average by 3 strokes. With the help of Bryan and his coaching, Lauren is strengthening her foundation that she will continue to build upon; a lot of hard work still lies ahead, but the future is exciting. #mindsetmatters


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