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Want to hold a mental skills bootcamp for your team?

I offer 3- to 5-day virtual bootcamps

Each day includes 1-hr of performance training to boost your team's confidence, improve focus, and learn how to perform at your best when it matters the most. 

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"Back at It' Bootcamp June 16-19 8pm EDT

Prep your team for the return of sports. Will you be joining us?









In the Bootcamp Webinar series, you will:

- Learn how to become more mentally tough

- Get crystal clear about your goals and how to accomplish them

- Learn the power of self-talk...and how it can cripple you...or enhance your performance

- Learn visualization and imagery exercises guaranteed to help you play with more confidence and improve focus

- How to become more resilient and bounce back from adversity 

- So much more!

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Testimonials from Parents & Athletes

Brian Forester

Dad to William (10), Swimming, Hawaii

”Our Top Mental Game Bootcamp experience was a priceless investment in an under-appreciated aspect of sport - the mental game. Experienced, engaging, and knowledgeable, Dr. Price makes complex material digestible for a younger audience. Not only is he helping these athletes improve in their sport, Dr. Price is equipping them with skills for life. I highly recommend the Top Mental Game Bootcamp for parents who wish to amplify the character-building benefits of sports for their children.


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Brendan and Carrie Masini

Parents of Brendan Jr (14) and Michael (12), Baseball, Washington

"A sound mental approach can make the difference between success and failure. I know this as a surgeon, a soldier, a parent, a coach, and an athlete. As my wife and I guide our own children in their pursuits, we seek opportunities to leverage the lessons learned through sport into skills that will bring success in all life’s arenas. In Top Mental Game we have found a program of mental preparation suitable for success at the highest levels of life and sport, expertly tailored by Bryan Price into a package that is relatable and engaging for our adolescent athletes. They left his seminar with concrete tools that we immediately implemented in their sports training and we know will contribute to a lifetime of successes."

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Stu and Dana Hanf

Parents of Gianna (11), Soccer, New Jersey

“We couldn’t be happier with the experience your webinars created for Gianna this past week. We truly believe that the mental side of sports separates a good player from a great player. Our daughter can be extremely hard on herself and she’s her own worst critic and enemy in some situations. You’ve provided her with the tools to get through the tough moments in a game, in training, or just in every day life.

She was excited to log onto your webinar every day and really enjoyed the interaction, exercises, & homework that was assigned. We’ve already seen a difference in her while she’s training from home. She’s already used some of the techniques to help her cope when negative thoughts arise. We feel that any player would benefit from Top Mental Game. Again, we can't thank you enough. It’s definitely a game changer for any athlete!”

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Brian Abell

Dad to Mark (14), Baseball, Virginia

“Times are uncertain and busy families are finding empty schedules that were previously occupied by competitive dance competitions and travel baseball tournaments. For my 14-year-old son Mark, I could think of no more valuable activity but to participate in Dr. Bryan Price’s Mental Toughness Boot Camp.
As a personal friend and teammate of Dr. Price at West Point, I was confident that he would motivate my son and help him prepare for the perils of competitive athletics and life’s routine challenges.

Though we cannot yet see the value of the lessons that Mark learned on the fields of friendly strife, I have reviewed Mark’s notes and we have talked about the webinar experience. In very short time it was obvious to me that Mark’s edges were sharpened and he clearly understood ways in which he will prepare for future competitions, tough academic challenges, and any other challenges that we face as young athletes and older adults.“

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Coach Matthew Morgan

Dad of Kobe (15), Baseball, Nevada

“As a coach and an athlete I can tell you the mental side of sports is highly overlooked. This is a great introductory course to the mental side of sports. Bryan is well spoken, energetic, and it’s interactive. Bryan gives immediate mental approach techniques to improve mental practice and performance for athletes of all sports. Would totally recommend to any athlete who’s ready to move past the physical and into the mental side of sports. Tell Bryan that Kobe sent ya :)”

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William Forester

Swimming, Hawaii

“Thank you for all of your sincere hard work to help me understand the mental side of sports, and giving me tools to implement, which will really help me up my mental game to the top level. In your Bootcamp, I learned so much, including mental exercises, goals, and mindsets. I’ve been practicing your genius tools and tips at home! And I can’t wait to start doing so at practices and meets.

I have now come to notice how important the mental side of sports is. The thing I found most interesting was the Reticular Activating System. Thanks to you ability to make complicated concepts suddenly simple, I feel like I know enough to teach a Top Mental Game Bootcamp! Now I must use it, which will be the easy part because I was inspired by you to do so.”

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Ben Hunter

Dad to Addie (15), Soccer, North Carolina

“Highly Recommended!!! ⚽️ πŸ€ ⚾️ πŸƒ‍♀️

If you’re looking for an activity this week for your student athlete, this is perfect. Addie participated in Top Mental Game Bootcamp last week and loved it. I personally know Dr. Bryan Price and he is great at what he does!

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Your Athlete Will Benefit from Mental Skills Training

Just wrapped up my 2nd Mental Skills Bootcamp today - and what I learned is that the need for mental skills and performance coaching is needed now more than ever.

With the (aweseome) physical improvements in youth sports have come expectations for our young athletes to perform at higher and higher levels at younger and younger ages.

What hasn’t improved is our collective ability to give our athletes the necessary skills to cope with those pressures.

I provide my athletes the skills to improve their confidence, focus, resiliency, and their ability to perform under pressure when it matters the most.

If you’re interested in getting 1-on-1 coaching from me (3- and 6-month packages) or want to be a part of the next webinar week, please let me know.

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