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Individual Coaching

Transform your life and how you think in a 3-month package that includes 8 powerful sessions and personalized tools. Includes an assessment of your mental game, goal-setting workshop, personalized visualization and imagery exercises, and pre-practice and pre-competition routines. In-person and remote coaching available.

Guaranteed to build confidence, improve focus, increase resilience, and understand how to perform at your best when it matters the most. Receive cutting-edge biometric feedback and personalized visualization .mp3 packages that you’ll use on your phone throughout your playing career.

3-month package: $2,000

Team Sessions

1) 1-day and 2-day Team Workshops. Improve mental skills, build extraordinary teams, and create a culture of excellence. Packages include sessions for teams, coaches, and captains/leaders.

2) Pre-season Mental Skills Bootcamps. Get your entire team a leg up on their competition by holding a 3- to 5-day bootcamp on mental skills and elite organizational culture. Set your tone for the season, get everyone on the same page, and enjoy the results.

3) Hire me as your mental skills coach. Bring me in before and during the season at strategic times to give your team the mental skills needed to rise above. 

Contact me for pricing details.

Keynote Speaking

Need an experienced speaker for your corporate event or team banquet? Based on my experiences in the military, government, academia, and the sports world, I share the leadership and performance lessons that separate the good from the great, and the great from the legendary.

Recent audiences

J.P. Morgan & Chase

T. Rowe Price


Citizens Bank

Hancock Whitney


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