Are YOU ready for “The Moment”

confidence focus growth mindset lax mental game mentalcoach resilience Jul 15, 2023

I started Top Mental Game to give athletes and leaders the tools to perform at their best when it matters the most.

I have helped General Officers who fly F-16s for the U.S. Air Force.

I have helped CEOs get unstuck and rededicated to serving their teams with confidence.

But there’s something special about seeing one of your athletes perform in “The Moment.”

You know what I’m talking about – “The Moment” is when everything is on the line, and the sports gods put you in that unique position to be the hero or the goat.

That’s when you need Top Mental Game. You need it even more in the biggest games.

When Asher Testa came to me this February, he was already a great lax player, but hoping to take his game to another level.

Asher wanted to make an impact as a sophomore on one of NJ’s best teams – Delbarton.

In the NJ Non-Public A State Championship, Asher had “The Moment.”

He scored his first goal with less than 2 minutes left to bring his team within 1.

Then, with the clock winding down, he miraculously tied the game up with 2.5 seconds left, sending the game into OT, which Delbarton ultimately won.

Here is the testimonial he sent me after the game:

🔥“I decided to work with Bryan because I wanted to prepare mentally for my upcoming Sophomore season on Varsity that I knew would put a lot of stress on myself.

I wanted to wait until after the season to write about Bryan's exercises to see how they impacted my game, and they did.

When I was going in for a man-up play with 17 seconds left in the Non-Public A State Championship, Bryan's breathing techniques kicked in and I was focused only on the game.

It allowed me to score with 2.5 seconds left to send the game into overtime and eventually win.

I would recommend this program to other lacrosse players because lacrosse is a mental game, and Bryan helped improve my mental game in more ways than I can count.”🔥

Want to perform at your best when you have YOUR moment?



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