It’s Not How Many Minutes You Play, It’s How You Play in Those Minutes


It’s not how many minutes you play, it’s how you play in those minutes.

Illinois C Kofi Cockburn came off the bench with 1:24 left in the first half, with his team down big to lower-seeded Loyola Chicago.

He shows that there’s a lot you can do in a minute and 24 seconds.

it starts with body langauge - he comes in positive and ready to go.

first touch shows he’s alert with great footwork and a chance for a 3-pt play.

takes care of business on foul line (he had a routine, big breath, and was composed).

best part? The floor slap - a physical cue to get you locked in and focused.

great job recovering and not letting up on the play after he gets beat - in fact, his hustle tip wins the

another dunk before the half.

hustles back and then closes out on the perimeter to defend the last-second shot.

Do you GIVE your team energy or do you DRAIN it when you play.

You can do A LOT in 1 minute and 24seconds.

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