When ALL of your clients take their games to the next level...

“Is this normal?”

It finally struck me last night when I was recounting to my wife YET another amazing feat by YET another one of my clients. 

“Is this normal?” she asked.

The truth is... I have no idea. But it made me reflect on my current clients and the amazing successes they’ve enjoyed since they’ve started working with me. 

I’m a poli sci Ph.D., so I am naturally a fan of quantitative and qualitative evidence. Have I helped my athletes perform better? Or am I just looking through rose-colored glasses? Let’s see what the data tells us. 

Here’s the takeaway - ALL of my clients have improved, and MOST have achieved career-best success after working with me. 

That’s an awesome feeling. And while I’m smart enough to know that I’m not the sole or even causal reason for their amazing successes, I also don’t think it is coincidence that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CLIENTS AND...

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