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evidence mental game performance success stories testimonials Oct 21, 2019

“Is this normal?”

It finally struck me last night when I was recounting to my wife YET another amazing feat by YET another one of my clients. 

“Is this normal?” she asked.

The truth is... I have no idea. But it made me reflect on my current clients and the amazing successes they’ve enjoyed since they’ve started working with me. 

I’m a poli sci Ph.D., so I am naturally a fan of quantitative and qualitative evidence. Have I helped my athletes perform better? Or am I just looking through rose-colored glasses? Let’s see what the data tells us. 

Here’s the takeaway - ALL of my clients have improved, and MOST have achieved career-best success after working with me. 

That’s an awesome feeling. And while I’m smart enough to know that I’m not the sole or even causal reason for their amazing successes, I also don’t think it is coincidence that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CLIENTS AND TEAMS HAVE IMPROVED after spending time on their mental game. 

Below is a run-down of all of Top Mental Game’s current clients. 

Sarah Fouratt - Santa Maria, CA - Sophomore - Seton Hall University

I’ve been working with Sarah since February 2019. Last year, she competed in 7 tournaments as a freshman at Seton Hall with an average of 78.84. Her highest finish was 15th place.

This year, Sarah has a 71.40 average (an improvement of more than 7 strokes!). In her first tournament of her sophomore year, she won the Nittany Lion Invitational (her very first individual title!). She did so by shooting a Seton Hall record 214 for the 3-round tournament, including a career best and Seton Hall record 68 for a lowest par-72 round. 

The next week, Sarah notched her second top-5 finish at the Princeton Invitational, firing a blistering 143 for the 2-round tournament and becoming the first-ever Seton Hall golfer to finish under-par in back-to-back tournaments. 

Not too shabby for a collegiate sophomore.

Karen Beglin - Carson City, NV - Junior - Carson High School

I’ve been working with Karen since July 2019. She was my first high school client, and she is one of my most motivated, as evidenced by the fact that she gets up ridiculously early to make our 5am sessions. Oh, and she maintains a perfect 4.0 GPA in school to boot.

The previous Fall, Karen played 10 tournament rounds and had a 75.6 average (w/ each round having an avg 5561 yds). In the spring/summer, she played 15 rounds and had a 83.3 average (w/ each round having an avg 6002 yds). 

Since I’ve been working with Karen, this Fall Karen has played 10 rounds and had a 72.6 average (w/ each round having an avg 5578 yds). That’s a 3-stroke improvement from last Fall and a 10+ stroke improvement from the spring/summer. 

Karen has won her last 3 tournaments, including setting her personal record of 69 not once but TWICE. 

On Mon and Tue last week, she won the Northern Nevada 4A Regional Championships over 45 other golfers by 10 strokes. Today, she’s playing in the Nevada State Championships in Las Vegas.

Mark my words, you will hear this golfer’s name in the future.

Good luck Karen!

Mia Kness - Venetia, PA - Junior - Seton Hall University

I’ve been working with Mia since February 2019. She is one of the most physically gifted talented golfers I have had the privilege to work with.

She was the Big East Freshman of the Year in 2018 and the Seton Hall Female Sophomore Athlete of the Year in 2019.  

But even Mia has experienced next-level success since working on her mental game. This summer, she earned a spot in the prestigious U.S. Women’s Amateur. 

And on Saturday, Mia SHATTERED the Seton Hall individual round record by shooting a jaw-dropping 65 at the Lady Blue Hen Invitational at Rehoboth Beach, DE. 

I think I’ve likely shot a 65 on some miniature golf courses. Mia did it on a par-72 collegiate course.

Jill Beglin - Carson City, NV - Freshman - St. John’s University

I began working with Jill in July 2019. Jill is not only an exceptional athlete and an All-State golfer in Nevada, but she also graduated with a perfect 4.0 and served as Class President her senior year. 

Jill earned a golf scholarship to St. John’s University where, like most freshman, she had to earn her way into the starting lineup. After competing as an individual at her first collegiate tournament, Jill shot well enough to earn her way into the starting lineup. She improved her score each round, finishing with a 77 and cementing herself a spot onto the starting 5 and able to contribute to the team score.

She’ll be in the lineup today as she tees up for St. John’s at the Lehigh Invitational. 

Sammie Staudt - Coatesville, PA - Senior - Seton Hall University

I’ve been working with Sammie since February 2019. And she is perhaps my most favorite story.

Sammie competed in 9 tournaments last year as a junior and had a 77.83 average. She tallied one top-10 finish. 

This Fall, Sammie started the season competing as an individual. Not exactly what she had envisioned as she embarked on her last collegiate campaign. But after focusing on what she could control - e.g. controlling the controllables - Sammie has enjoyed an amazing run. 

She has played the best golf in her collegiate career, shooting a career best 1-under par 217 for the 3-rounds at the Nittany Lion Invitational, including a 2nd-round 69. It was good enough for a top-5 finish, the first in her career.

After being inserted into the starting lineup the following week at the Princeton Invitational, Sammie shot a new career low 3-under par 141, finishing second, and notching only the second top-5 finish in her career and the second top-5 finish in back-to-back weeks.

This included a 68, tieing the Seton Hall individual record for lowest par-72 round. Additionally, her 141 for the 2-rounds shattered Seton Hall’s previous record of 146.

Last year, Sammie had a 77.83 average - coming into this weekend, she had a 71.6 average (an improvement of over 6 strokes!!)

I could not be more proud of her turnaround and her accomplishments!

Lauren Rios - Coppell, TX - Sophomore, Coppell High School

I started working with Lauren in July 2019. Her dad was a teammate of mine on the West Point baseball team and is a fantastic person. Lauren was my second high school athlete, and she is amazingly dedicated and talented. 

Since we began working with one another, Lauren has enjoyed several career-best performances. 

In September, Lauren shot a career-best 69 at the Heart of Texas Championships. She followed that up with a second-place finish at the Ratliff Group Autumn Classic, including a career best 154 over the two rounds. 

Last week, she shot another career-best 149 in a 2-round tournament, including a second round 73 to win the Battle at the Bridges tournament. 

I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the rest of her high school career. Texas is a golf-crazy state, and she is making a name for herself as a sophomore. She has Top Mental Game.

Maddie Sager - Phoenixville, PA - Senior - Seton Hall University

I have been working with Maddie since February 2019. 

Last year, she competed in all 9 tournaments and finished with a 76.43 average. She had two top-10 finishes and two top-5 finishes.

Since she began working on her mental game, Maddie was named Seton Hall’s Most Improved Player. 

This year has been a career year for Maddie. During our goal-setting session, Maddie’s “big, hairy, audacious goal” was to win an individual tournament before she graduated.

Well, she didn’t waste any time, winning the first tournament of her senior Fall season, the Nittany Lion Invitational. She shot a career-low 69 during the first round, and was 5-under after 2 rounds. She ended up setting a career-best and a new Seton Hall record for the lowest 3-rounds by shooting a 214.

The following week, she had another top-10 finish at the Princeton Invitational, shooting yet another 69 enroute to a 145 total for the 2-round tournament. That tally would’ve been a Seton Hall record, if teammate Sammie Staudt hadn’t put up a 141 tally in the same tournament.  

I mentioned earlier that Maddie had a 76.43 average last year. This year? She’s averaging 71.80 coming into this weekend (almost a 5-stroke improvement).

Carolina Ronchel Salas - Huelva, Spain - Senior - Seton Hall University

I started working with Carolina in February 2019. The only thing more consistent than her steady play is her consistency in seeing me for our weekly sessions. 

Last year, she competed in 10 tournaments and had a 75.92 average. 

After working with me since February, she was named to the All-Big East team, finishing 7th overall in the league. 

Of all my athletes, she has the smallest quantifiable amount of improvement - she is averaging 74.60 this year, but it is still over a stroke improvement over last year. Perhaps most important to her long-term development, I know our sessions have given her tools she can incorporate in the other aspects of her life. 

And I’m highly confident you will see the BEST Carolina in the Spring. Her consistency is an essential component of the team’s success this year.

Seton Hall Women’s Golf

I have to admit, when I started Top Mental Game, I didn’t think that I’d work with women’s golf as my first team. I play golf, and not well, but I was eager to learn from them. And boy, have I learned.

To see the success that Seton Hall women’s golf has enjoyed over the past couple months has been extremely gratifying. I love the program, the coach, I love the team, and I love working with individual golfers. 

Here are some telling stats of their success this year:

Seton Hall started the year ranked #102 by golfstat.com - this past week they were ranked #54, the highest the program has EVER been ranked in its history.

Lowest Individual Par-72 Round - broken THREE times this year, by 3 different players, now stands at 65

Lowest Team Par-72 Round - broken TWICE this year, now stands at 283

Lowest Individual Par-72 3-Round Total - 214 (set by 2 players THIS year)

Lowest Team Par-72 Total (285)

Lowest Team Par-72 2-Round Total (575)

2 x first-time individual tournament winners

3 x different All-Big East Players of the Week (in as many weeks)

Robbie Keegan - Brick, NJ - 12 years old - Cedar Stars Academy - Soccer

I started working with Robbie in August 2019. Playing competitive soccer, in a Development Academy, can be very stressful. That stress can affect your love for the game and your performance. While I don’t have stats on how working on his mental game helped Robbie, I do have his mom’s testimonial. 

“Our 12 year old son began working with Dr. Price just a short time ago and we have already seen a huge boost in his confidence and attitude both on and off the field. From their first session Dr. Price quickly connected with him on a personal level and made him feel very comfortable. We saw a change in him almost instantaneously. He got into the car after that session happier and more positive. Robbie told us that, “Dr. Price understood him in a way that nobody ever has” and that he “just got him.” As his parents this was music to our ears. He went to practice that night and played with a confidence that we haven’t seen in him in months.
Since their initial session, they have been working on both mental and visual strategies that our son can use on a daily basis to help him calm his nerves before a game, play with confidence, and be the best player, teammate and person he can be. We truly believe that the mental skills that Dr. Price is teaching him are ones that he will be able to utilize not only on the field but in all aspects of his life for a long time to come!”

I’m looking to bring on new clients. If you are an athlete who is interested in taking your game to the next level, or you are a parent who is looking to give their athlete the tools to perform at their best when it matters most, please reach out to me. 

[email protected]



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