Year in Review

Welcome to the last Mindset Monday of 2019....and the decade for that matter. 

This has been an amazing year for me, both personally and professionally. 

I wrote a book that was published by Columbia University Pressstood up a four-year leadership institute at Seton Hall University, completed a 4-month ICF-certified program to become a leadership coach, and became a featured certified mindset coach and a visualization specialist through Positive Performance Training.

But the #1 thing was my decision to start Top Mental Game. After years of talking and dreaming about it, and months of doing it pro bono, I made the decision to open up my own business. 

It "officially” started on Feb 6, 2019 - when I was one of three featured speakers at Seton Hall’s annual leadership forum. In front of all of Seton Hall’s Division-I coaches and athletes, I offered to work with any individual or team on their mental game. I wanted to test...

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