All-American Hannah Sedwick Surprises Biggest Fan

confidence imagery resilience visualization Sep 03, 2020

What an epic surprise!!!!

I’ve been working with Callie O’Connell, a 8th-grade volleyball player from Abilene, TX, and an all-around awesome kid.

For the last six months, we’ve worked together on the mental game and she’s been one of my most favorite athletes to work with. Smart, motivated, energetic, and a complete sponge when it comes to ways in which she can improve her performance on the court and in life.

Because she’s so awesome, I wanted to do something special for our last session. In our first session back in March, I asked her who her favorite player was, and without hesitation, she said Hannah Lockin (now Sedwick), the All-American setter for the Baylor University volleyball team. That’s the same Baylor team that went to the Final Four last year.

So I threw a Hail Mary and tried to get on all of Hannah Sedwick’s social media feeds. I sent her my odd request via Twitter messaging, about a week out from my last session with Callie. Never got a response. Thought it was over.

Then a day before our last session, I just reached out again via Twitter and sent her the Zoom info in the wild chance she saw it and could do it. 

Amazingly, at 11pm the night before, Hannah responds and apologizes for not seeing this sooner. She said the timing was perfect and that she’d jump on 5 min after my session with Callie started.

I was so excited that I couldn’t contain myself. We awkwardly start the session, and sure enough, as Callie’s in the middle of a story, the name “Hannah Sedwick” appears on the screen but without her video.

Callie sees it, and gets obviously flustered by it - she starts stumbling and fixing her hair.

I then ask if she sees what I’m seeing, and magically Hannah Sedwick, Callie’s hero, appears on the screen with a huge smile.

Hannah couldn’t have been more gracious with her time. She talked about her mental game, the use of visualization and imagery, struggles with confidence, putting the team’s needs above her own, and some great advice for a young volleyball player.

It was an amazing gesture by an amazing volleyball player and an even better person, and it was a moment Callie will never forget.

Thank you Hannah Sedwick for being you! I’m now a full-hearted Baylor Bears volleyball fan!!

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