Another Top Mental Game Success Story

adversity confidence injury self-talk visualization Apr 25, 2021

Nick Blalock is a sophomore 🥍player for @cbalincroft and @cbalacrosse.

He was coming off an injury and knew he needed to improve his 🧠 toughness if he was to achieve his goal of making the varsity and starting at least 1️⃣game.

What was holding Nick back from playing his best 🥍was not his physical talent or was his 🧠 game.

So for 3️⃣months, we worked on his goal-setting, self-talk, and ability to perform under pressure.

We used visualization and imagery techniques to allow him to play loose, focused, and confident.

Well, in the last week, Nick...
✅made the varsity
✅started in the season opener
...and then, in the 2️⃣nd game, Nick scored 🥅🥅🥅 goals, including the ⭐️GAME WINNER⭐️in 2OT.

Time to establish some new goals, Nick!

If you are looking to give your athlete the mental performance tools to play at their best and maximize their potential...on the field and in life....reach out to me.



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