Are You as Mentally Tough as Paige?

adversity mindset performance positive resilience Feb 17, 2020

Are YOU as mentally tough as Paige?

Life’s easy when things are going well. It’s when we get knocked down when we find out whether we are mentally tough or not.

Paige is one of the athletes I coach on the mental game - she is a high school golfer in Texas hoping to play D-I someday.

This kid is mentally tough. She has the ability, the knowledge, and the discipline to perform at her best, no matter the circumstances. But she’s had to work at it.

Day 1 of the Tournament

On day 1 of a showcase tournament sponsored by the Texas Junior Golf Tour, she parred the first 5 holes, and then....on a par-4, she shot a 12. 12 strokes. For mentally weak athletes, this would’ve destroyed their round and likely their weekend. And in the past, Paige would have likely snowballed and spiraled, unable to recover from such a disastrous hole.

But she fought back, parred 6 of the last 9 holes, and finished with an 86.

When I reached out to her after her 86 on the first day, I didn’t know what to expect, but her response was perfect. So I got her permission to share it here.

“Yeah 9 was very very tough. I’ll explain more on the next call. Luckily I didn’t let it ruin my round and just kept pushing myself to keep going. I have an excited energy about tomorrow because my swing has been feeling good and I learned more about where to hit on the course today.”

She continued: “I played pretty well today overall but I’m feeling more luck to come my way tomorrow and I’m excited to play.”

Wow. Awesome mindset.

Day 2 of the Tournament

And the next day? Paige went out and fired a 73 during Rd 2! It was the 2nd lowest round of the day, and the 2nd lowest of the tournament. She recorded 3 birdies and more importantly, she parred that monster par-4 hole from Rd 1.

Again, in awesome Paige-fashion, when I asked her about her amazing comeback round, she joked, “Yeah, I only played number 9 once today!” Awesome.


For other athletes out there, Paige’s mindset is a model for how to handle adversity.

For parents of athletes, encourage your child to adopt Paige’s mindset.

For college golf coaches out there, Paige is the type of athlete you want on your team. She has #topmentalgame.

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