Comfort Zones and the Need to Get Out of Them

anxiety fear limiting beliefs performance resilience Jul 20, 2020

Let’s face it - getting out of our comfort zones is scary.

But getting outside of our comfort zone is what we ultimately need to grow.

This was Schmoopie a year ago, about to go down one of North America’s longest ziplines in Whistler, Canada.

She had been on a small zipline (about 100m long and only a few feet off the ground) the year prior, but this was a whole new ball of wax.

Looking back at this memory, I’m really amazed at how brave she was. She is like me, relatively risk-averse, and willing to shut it down when she feels uncomfortable.

They weigh every participant so they meet minimum weight (you need to make sure you weigh enough to get across, otherwise you could get stuck in the middle). My daughter was 0.25 lb over the minimum, so she was terrified.

But she was willing to grow - and to grow, she had to take a calculated risk and break through the uncomfortableness.

In the old NFL movie Crunch Course, there’s a special teams coach who quotes the 82nd Airborne Division about courage.

He said, “Courage is when you’re afraid... but you go anyway.”

I love that sentiment.

I try to get my athletes to understand that in order to grow, they have to be vulnerable and sometimes do things that make them uncomfortable.

The way you make your muscles grow is through resistance training, where you work them until your muscle fibers are fatigued and break apart.

With proper rest, recovery, and nutrition, those same muscle fibers grow back stronger than they way before. And you grow.

The mind and your mindset work the same way.

So be like Schmoopie - don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone. Trust in the people who’ll be by your side every step of the way.

It’s ok to be afraid...but go anyway!!

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