Special Webinar with Minnesota Vikings K Greg Joseph

Jul 23, 2022

It’s a wrap!

Our special webinar on Kicking and the Mental Game with @vikings K Greg Joseph was a hit!

Attendees included kickers from CA to FL to NJ and places in—between. College kickers looking to go pro and high school kickers looking to get advice from a 5th year @nfl pro.

We covered a ton of ground:
✅ how Greg overcame getting cut his freshmen year
✅ his mental and physical routine
✅ how he bounces back after missing a kick
✅ how he incorporates breathing and visualization into his routine
✅ coping with the pressure of walking-on to a team AND keeping your job when you’re the front-runner
✅ his recovery techniques
✅ and more…..

All attendees also received my FREE goal-setting module from The Blueprint.

And best of all, 💯% of the proceeds will be going to help clothe the less fortunate in Minneapolis.

Top Mental Game will be matching all donations, so we’ll do double the amount of good Greg can do.

Will be posting various nuggets of wisdom in the future.

Can’t thank Greg enough for his generosity and wisdom.

#mentalgame #mindset #confidence #pressure #resilience #kicking #kickers

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