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confidence growth mindset mindset program resilience Jun 07, 2023

I just completed another Ultimate Mindset Program, a special hybrid program consisting of 6 small group sessions of high school athletes along with 3 intense 1-on-1 private sessions.

It includes ALL of the personalized deliverables I do in my 1-on-1 coaching, but you get the added benefit of group dynamics. It's high-paced and high-touch, including a lot of engaging exercises and "aha" moments.

When told about this program, most parents have a knee-jerk reaction that says, "this probably wouldn't work for my kid." Yet, I've run two iterations of this program and I get testimonials like these. At the end, parents and athletes not only appreciate the group sessions, but my athletes want more engagement.

Why? Because they get to experience a positive community. They get to see that they're not alone when it comes to struggling with the mental game. And, perhaps most importantly, they get to see other athletes who are serious about their sport and want to get better.

It's motivating. Here are three testimonials from my last Ultimate Mindset Program.


Matt Schneider (Spring Lake Heights, NJ - lax, football)

"After coming off a rough fall and summer, I needed a way to get back to the game I know I can play.

I was introduced to Mr. Price through my football coach and thought it would be a good idea to join the Ultimate Mindset Program. It was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.

Through 8 short weeks, Mr. Price was able to get me back at full strength, and then push me even higher than ever before.

His visualization and breathing exercises are pure magic, helping me focus on what I need to do, and how to do it.

In the moments before big games, the breathing techniques he taught me have helped me calm myself down, so I can stay in my zone despite the pressure around me.

With how fast Lacrosse games move, the visualization exercises we worked on have helped me prepare for every moment. So instead of having to panic on the spot, I know what I am going to do, when I want to do it.

I’m forever grateful to Mr. Price and what he’s done for me. I recommend Top Mental Game to anyone who wants to improve.


Dylan Vowteras (Manasquan, NJ - baseball, hockey)

"I decided to work with Bryan because I felt I needed something to get my mind right to be able to be calm and collected during big moments in high pressure situations.

Now I’m playing the game more confidently and just having fun out there instead of having a bad mental state when something doesn’t go right.

I enjoyed the group experience because it showed me that I’m not the only one who has to work on my mental game.

I would really recommend this to other baseball players who have trouble being confident on the field at all times no matter what happens.


Tanner Van Nice (Rumson, NJ - lax)

"I had just suffered a big injury and rather than doing nothing my parents reached out to Byran.

Bryan helped me prepare myself mentally for when I get to return to sports.

I enjoyed the group experience because it adds different perspectives to your life, not many times do you have 5 boys sharing their problems and tools they used to overcome it.

One of the techniques I would use as I come towards my return to sports would be the backpack exercise, as that technique reminds me why I started in the first place and it shows that the sports we play now are supposed to be fun.

I would recommend this to other lacrosse athletes and overall any athlete in general because life is all about experience and expanding the tools and techniques you have to prepare yourself for any situation.

No doubt you will come away from this more prepared to face adversity."

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