Top Mental Game Alumni Dominate Spring

mental game mindset May 06, 2021

What a Spring it has been for Top Mental Game alumni.

The Coppell, TX women’s golf team advanced out of the Texas 6A regionals and will be competing in the state tournament this weekend.

Not 1, not 2, but 3of the golfers ‍on this team are Top Mental Game alumni, including the original “OG” @laurenrrios, @jamiemwelsh, and @rylieallison.

Good luck Lauren, Jam-o, and Rylie! Go Cowgirls!

Nick Blalock, a sophomore player from NJ has continued his relentless assault on the Shore Conference.

After scoring 3x including the game winner in 2OT 2 weeks ago, he’s scored 6 goals and 2assists in his last 3games. Way to go @n_blalock5!!

Holt Oliphant, a player from Illinois playing for @tomahawkshockey in the @nahlhockey has scored 13 points in the last 13games.

Best of luck to @holt.oliphant16 as he continues to lead his East Division-leading team down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Welome back to Gianna “G” Hanf, a star with @matchfitacademyshore09...

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Another Top Mental Game Success Story


Nick Blalock is a sophomore player for @cbalincroft and @cbalacrosse.

He was coming off an injury and knew he needed to improve his toughness if he was to achieve his goal of making the varsity and starting at least 1game.

What was holding Nick back from playing his best was not his physical talent or was his game.

So for 3months, we worked on his goal-setting, self-talk, and ability to perform under pressure.

We used visualization and imagery techniques to allow him to play loose, focused, and confident.

Well, in the last week, Nick...
made the varsity
started in the season opener
...and then, in the 2nd game, Nick scored goals, including the GAME WINNERin 2OT.

Time to establish some new goals, Nick!

If you are looking to give your athlete the mental performance tools to play at their best and maximize their potential...on the field and in life....reach out to me.


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The Little Girl in the Car

Helping Youth Soccer Players Overcome The Fear of Tryouts


The girl and her father pulled up to the soccer field next to my wife’s car.

It was a tryout for an ECNL-affiliated soccer club for 11- and 12-year-old girls. One by one, ponytailed players with oversized soccer bags excitedly ran from their cars and onto the field to stretch and warm up.


She never got out. She was in tears as the father implored her to join the tryout. At one point, he even got out of the car to further encourage her, but it was futile.

She never budged. And after about 20 minutes, they left.

While I don’t know the girl or the reason she remained in the car, this story breaks my heart.

I feel bad for the father because, as parents, we want our kids to attack life with all the confidence in the world, consequences be damned. And as much as we want to protect our kids, I think we’d all rather see them try and fail than never make an...

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It’s Not How Many Minutes You Play, It’s How You Play in Those Minutes


It’s not how many minutes you play, it’s how you play in those minutes.

Illinois C Kofi Cockburn came off the bench with 1:24 left in the first half, with his team down big to lower-seeded Loyola Chicago.

He shows that there’s a lot you can do in a minute and 24 seconds.

it starts with body langauge - he comes in positive and ready to go.

first touch shows he’s alert with great footwork and a chance for a 3-pt play.

takes care of business on foul line (he had a routine, big breath, and was composed).

best part? The floor slap - a physical cue to get you locked in and focused.

great job recovering and not letting up on the play after he gets beat - in fact, his hustle tip wins the

another dunk before the half.

hustles back and then closes out on the perimeter to defend the last-second shot.

Do you GIVE your team energy or do you DRAIN it when you play.

You can do A LOT in 1 minute and 24seconds.

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The Decision Jamie Made

When people ask me what exactly is it that I do with athletes and coaches, the answer is simple.

I give them the mental performance tools to play at their best when it matters the most.

And those tools were on full display this weekend at the Tangle Ridge Regional as Top Mental Game alumna Jamie Welsh stepped up to to the last hole in a mighty tough spot.

After besting the field by 4 strokes in Rd 1 with a 72, she saw her lead evaporating in Rd 2 thanks to an epic performance by future college teammate who sank 5 birdies, including the 18th, for a 68.

To make matters worse, Jamie bogeyed 14 and 17. And then she gets told she HAS to birdie the par-5 18 to win.

What would YOU do? What would YOU be thinking in that moment?

For most of us, our mental state would be frazzled. We would be caught inside of our own head. Sensing the shift in momentum, we might let our nerves get the best of us. It would lead us to play small, hesitant, and scared.

So what did Jamie do? She did one...

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The Leadership Crisis in Youth Sports Today

The Leadership Crisis in Youth Sports Today

Note: This article was originally published in Soccer Today on Jan 16, 2021.

Why are today’s players more mentally and emotionally fragile than ever? Why are there fewer leaders?

I was 12 years-old and playing in my Little League’s championship game in 1988. I was the team’s shortstop and batted third in the lineup, but in the top half of the first inning, I struck out looking (on a pitch that was way off the plate) to end the inning.

I was upset.

On my way back to the dugout to retrieve my glove, I threw my helmet. It skipped off the ground, ricocheted off the chain-link fence, and grazed one of my teammate’s legs as he was emerging from the dugout. Startled, he reactively said “ow” loud enough for the coach to hear. 

My coach turned around, quickly pieced together what had happened, and barked, “did YOU throw that?”

I nodded sheepishly, and he told me to go sit on the bench. The...

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Help! I’m a Coach and Want to Teach the Mental Game – Part III

This article was originally published in Soccer Today on November 6, 2020.

Help! I’m a Coach and Want to Teach the Mental Game – Part III

                                         By Bryan Price, Ph.D.

If you’re a soccer coach, chances are you religiously keep up with the latest drills and methods to improve the technical and tactical aspects of your team.

You no doubt study the latest trends in strategy, formations, and styles of play to stay one step ahead of the competition on the pitch.

But if you’re like most coaches, you probably don’t know where to turn for help on the mental game.

Even though U.S. Soccer has designated the psychological component as the 4th pillar of player development, it is the one that is the most difficult for coaches to develop and the pillar that has the fewest resources for coaches and players.

And yet, that...

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Top Mental Game working with George Washington University Women’s Basketball

After an awesome time working with Seton Hall’s women’s golf and baseball teams last year, I’m excited to announce Top Mental Game will be working with George Washington Univeristy and their women’s basketball team this Fall!

I’m super pumped to work with Coach Jen Rizzotti and her staff in order to take back the Atlantic 10 Conference Championship and give this team the tools it needs to perform at their best when it matters the most.

Coach Rizzotti was the point guard that started it all for UCONN’s women’s basketball dynasty in the 1990s. The former 1996 AP Player of the Year and 2-time WNBA champion was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013.

Looking forward to giving Coach Rizzotti and her team everything I got to improve their mental toughness, confidence, focus, resilience, and abilty to perform under pressure.



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All-American Hannah Sedwick Surprises Biggest Fan


What an epic surprise!!!!

I’ve been working with Callie O’Connell, a 8th-grade volleyball player from Abilene, TX, and an all-around awesome kid.

For the last six months, we’ve worked together on the mental game and she’s been one of my most favorite athletes to work with. Smart, motivated, energetic, and a complete sponge when it comes to ways in which she can improve her performance on the court and in life.

Because she’s so awesome, I wanted to do something special for our last session. In our first session back in March, I asked her who her favorite player was, and without hesitation, she said Hannah Lockin (now Sedwick), the All-American setter for the Baylor University volleyball team. That’s the same Baylor team that went to the Final Four last year.

So I threw a Hail Mary and tried to get on all of Hannah Sedwick’s social media feeds. I sent her my odd request via Twitter messaging, about a week out from my last session with Callie....

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Interview with U.S. Swimming Legend Jason Lezak


On August 24, I had the privilege of interviewing Jason Lezak about his swimming career and his mental game.

This four-time Olympian is the proud owner of 8 Olympic medals, including four gold medals.

We cover a lot of ground in our discussion, especially about the mental game - goal-setting, self-talk, maintaining discipline, and the extreme toll training for four Olympic games takes on your mind and body.

And of course, we break down perhaps the most epic comeback in swimming history - his record-setting anchor in the 4x100 relay in the 2008 Olympics.

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